About us

Established in 1987, AOF Filtration Systems (P) Ltd., designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of filtration/separation equipment for processing industrial fluids, machine tool coolant, and oil/water and air/gas mixtures. All of our products are designed for low maintenance, energy and optimal collection efficiency.

Our mission is to serve our customers by designing, manufacturing and marketing the most cost-effective high-quality equipment in the industry. We continue to operate on the basis of providing practical productive equipment and quality service, in the belief that delivering on our promises is one of our most effective sales tools. Prior to shipment each system is subjected to detailed quality assurance testing.

With the emphasis on teamwork and a dedication to customer service, AOF Filtration Systems has firmly established an enviable reputation within the Filtration industry. We foster close working partnerships with our customers, often as a sole-supplier, a confidential partner, providing technically demanding materials to fit critical requirements.

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